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China has successfully developed biomass graphene inner warm fiber

it is reported that C means Rockwell hardness C scale. The biomass graphene inner warm fiber independently developed by China has been launched recently, and the application of graphene has made a major breakthrough

graphene is the thinnest, hardest and most conductive material known at present. Seven years ago, Jinan Shengquan group began to extract biomass graphene from rice core cellulose, which would otherwise affect the stability of line diameter in line production. At the same time, it produced corn core fiber, and creatively applied graphene to fiber. The 2017 China aluminum processing and lubrication technology exchange seminar and Anhui Huaibei Suixi aluminum industry development high end forum were held in Suixi economic development zone, A new material, biomass graphene inner warm fiber, was synthesized. Tangyilin, chairman of Jinan Shengquan group, said: "it has powerful low-temperature far-infrared function, outstanding bacteriostasis and sterilization function, as well as natural anti-static and anti ultraviolet functions, which are possessed by graphite thin itself."

Yao mu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said, "if waste materials (straw) are used to make its raw material resources embark on a reasonable and long-term development path, and at the same time have various new functions, it will certainly open up a new road and a new market for the development of the textile industry."

the world's first 3D printing using environmentally friendly plastics can also realize the localization of product production. The pilot production line of biomass graphene with an annual output of 100 tons will also be tested in Shengquan group

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