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Bidding No.: DL (snbq)

dl (snbq)

entrusted by the owner, Dalian electromechanical equipment bidding Center conducts domestic public bidding for the purchase of the following equipment and services. Now, qualified bidders are welcome to participate in the bidding

1. Name and quantity of bidding products 1) bidding No.: DL (snqb)

2 sets of eight nozzle rotary packaging equipment


2 sets of vibrating screens

2 sets of intermediate silos (circular)

2 sets of manual spiral gates

2 sets of impeller feeders

2 sets of eight nozzle rotary packaging machine

2 sets of inkjet printer

2 Bid price: the price of each set of bidding documents numbered DL (snbq) is RMB 400

the bidding document numbered DL (snbq) is sold at a price of RMB 400 per set, which is non refundable after sales

if mail order is required, not only the design of material formula, but also the postage of RMB 50 will be added. The tenderee will not be responsible for the loss in the mail process. The tenderer can copy the electronic drawings and technical document attachments from the tenderee when purchasing the bidding documents

3. Time for purchasing bid: 9:30 every day from now on (Beijing time, except holidays)

4. Deadline for bid submission and time of bid opening: 9:40 am on January 23, 2006 (Beijing time)

5. Place of submission of bidding documents and bid opening: Multifunctional Hall on the fifth floor of Dalian Liangyun Hotel

address: No. 12, Zhongshan Wuwu Road, Dalian

bidding agency: Dalian mechanical and electrical equipment bidding 1. Qilibao took the lead in breaking through the product utilization protection of graphene powder in the field of energy storage: the system can set the bid center

address: No. Memorial street, Xigang District, Dalian

zip code: 116011

: (0411)

Fax: (0411)

contact: lixiangrong, chenchongde

email: lxdl@

Bank of deposit: Bank of China Dalian Zhongshan branch

bank account number:

information source: China Industrial Equipment

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