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100 square meters of housing area is very common, because it belongs to the dividing point of medium-sized house type, which can be seen in all major residential areas, and it is also the household type that many owners will choose. Recently, Ms. Hu asked through the decoration bidding message of Wuhan home decoration network, what is the quotation for the decoration of a 100 square meter house of Huading Shangdu international? In this regard, the editor made a special trip to sort out the quotation sheet similar to Ms. Hu's home. Let's have a look

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[100 square meters American style decoration model room is as follows]

[Wuhan Decoration: 100 square meters decoration quotation list]

100 square meters decoration quotation details are as follows:

Project 1: Foundation Engineering

wall peeling (gypsum ash) 280.00

wall blank base treatment 552.00

door closure 120.00

demolition of brick wall (240 ㎜) 325.00

remove the original doors and windows and covers 110.00

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 1980.00

paint 300.00

masonry wall opening 222.00

remove indoor insulation board 750.00

sporadic painting 500.00

light steel keel double-sided gypsum board partition 280.00





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