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Home decoration is an important matter, and the types and colors of wood floors not only need to meet the overall home decoration style, but also environmental protection and health. So it is also very important to choose wood flooring. Next, Shanmei will introduce seven tips for choosing wood flooring, hoping to help you

first, set the tone of home, Overall collocation is very important

Product Name: Yipin 1-6814-y1d-imperial concubine red sandalwood

product parameters:

specification: 1223*172*12mm

surface technology: radial matte crystal surface

base material: domestic high-quality high-density environmental floor base material

tongue and groove process 1: Dali Shen arc lock

tongue and groove process 2: waterproof and glue free technology

notch process: 60 wire deep molding R-shaped large arc

formaldehyde emission: National Standard Quasi

wear resistance grade: household grade standard

scope of application: bedroom, living room, public place and geothermal environment

warranty period: 15 years

in the process of home design and decoration, the choice of color and material of the floor is very important, because the floor is the background color and foundation of the whole home design. In addition, the floor design should pay attention to the tone, which is the matching of colors, and also consider the purity and brightness of colors. For example, neoclassical and new Chinese floors should be dark or red, and light colors should be avoided by all means





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