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Summer is coming, and the heat is unbearable. When I come home from work, I always feel stuffy and uncomfortable. I have to turn on the air conditioner to cool down. The problem is that staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time is prone to "air-conditioning disease". Children are also prone to catch a cold and consume electricity. When paying the electricity bill, they are always startled by the bill. In addition, fluorine released by air conditioners is also a major killer of atmospheric pollution. Olaiman's overall background wallboard can help us solve these problems. Our products have many advantages:

thermal insulation, away from air-conditioning diseases: the overall background wallboard is made of environmental friendly materials covered with high-temperature film, which has strong thermal insulation performance. After installing the overall background wallboard, the whole house will be cooled by 10 degrees, avoiding the damage to the body caused by long-term opening of the air-conditioner. What a pleasant thing it is to spend summer in a cool and naturally formed environment. Sound insulation and noise reduction, reduce noise pollution: the overall background wallboard can be directly installed on the blank wall, which is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, study and other places. After the decoration and use of wallboards, the sound insulation effect can reach 29 dB. You will find that the house becomes particularly quiet, and the irritable summer also becomes comfortable, reducing the noise outside the house, making our life and children's study easier. Green and environmental protection, protect the atmosphere: the overall background wallboard is a green and environmental protection home decoration material, which is easy to install and has no odor. It can be directly assembled, put on the wall as a whole, decorate immediately, and move in immediately, saving time and effort. In addition to the environmental protection of its own materials, it can also reduce the fluorine pollution caused by the use of air conditioners. Choosing the overall background wallboard is also a small contribution to the environmental protection cause of the world.

olaiman background wall is free to attract investment and join the country. The manufacturer ships goods with ultra-low cost, really small investment and high return Participating in the Beijing International Building Materials Exhibition every year, more than 600 dealers across the country have guaranteed quality and reputation. After joining olaiman, they immediately enjoy the eight joining policy support of free joining, one-stop service, regional protection, free samples, and free marketing programs. Support to visit our headquarters and teach you how to install and communicate with customers free of charge. Our business: soft bag series, carved hard bag series, full embroidery series, hand-painted series, solid wood wallboard background wall series, solid wood line series

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