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Specializing in the production of aluminum alloy sliding doors, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, German doors and windows, split doors and windows, broken bridge window screen integrated casement windows, sunshine rooms and other high-end door and window products

on July 6, the sun was scorching, the colored flags were fluttering outside the factory area of delancini doors and windows, and the huge leading arch stood prominently, filled with a festive atmosphere. Although it was not a festival, it was better than a festival. All colleagues in the company were full of spirit, enthusiasm and confidence, waiting for the arrival of merchants from all over the country

all preparations inside and outside the company are also basically in place. Equipped with new accessories, new products with more air tightness, water tightness and safety performance will brighten the eyes of customers

merchants. New products have always been a powerful weapon for dealers to occupy the market. This product innovation adopts the latest German technology and a more humanized design, making the new products a big step forward in terms of functional practicality

customers immediately signed contracts

merchants from all over the country have begun to arrive at the headquarters one after another, and some merchants are moved by the company's products, technology and all-round support, from Hainan Haikou, Lingao Many customers immediately signed ↓↓

the pick-up and drop off vehicles are also ready

group photo of all

group photo of the backbone of the Department and the customer service department

Ms. Wang Ying, general Manager

delancini doors and windows is a finished product brand of Guangdong ouxuan doors and windows group. Since its establishment for many years, it has adhered to quality first, inherited the essence of German doors and windows, and created perfect door and window products with the spirit of craftsmanship. The company's cases are all over the country and are highly praised by market participants

all colleagues of delanshini

sincerely invite customers from all over the country to come and negotiate,

join hands with delanshini to build the top of wealth

● the large-scale door and window project of deshengniti blossoms together and blooms intensively

● deshengniti doors and windows: the investment promotion conference in July is approaching, and the preparations are in full swing, and the investment promotion policies are upgraded throughout the line

● deshengniti joins in and reports the good news again, winning Suichuan, Jiangxi

● deshengniti door and window big action: the price of hardware upgrade will not be increased, the imported German accessories, and the relics will not be dealt with

● delancini | multi place villa large sunshine house project is intensively expedited at the same time

German door and window precision model

Foshan delancini door and window (Foshan ouxuan door and window Co., Ltd.) is one of the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, specializing in the production of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows products and

aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers who provide customization of high-end doors and windows, and their products include Foshan aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, German doors and windows, double door

windows All kinds of high-end door and window products such as bridge broken window screen integrated casement window, sunshine room, etc. Delancini insists on taking German technology as the leading factor, integrating German high-grade artistic connotation, professionally developing high-quality products with the heart of craftsman, and continuously improving and improving. Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise hotline:

400-807-8288 (text/Lin yuanchu)




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