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Have you ever thought that due to poor decoration materials and unqualified decoration technology, the beautiful new house you have worked hard to decorate may become a terrible "poison gas room" and a hidden killer of your health and your family's health

when Xiao Zhang bought a house for the first time and was facing decoration problems for the first time, he was a little overwhelmed in the process of making decoration budget. Some enthusiastic salesmen of decoration companies took the initiative to measure the area of his new house and make the decoration budget, but in the face of similar decoration budget, he didn't know which one to choose. Looking at the material prices on the long quotation, he didn't know the market situation, and he didn't know whether there was something fishy in it. Xiao Zhang was usually busy at work, so he found Lao Wang with rich decoration experience to guide him

Lao Wang:

decoration companies generally calculate the total decoration cost based on the actual material price and labor cost. The specific cost shall include the cost of main materials, auxiliary materials, labor, design, management and taxes. Because the varieties and prices of decoration materials change rapidly in the market, it is difficult to standardize with quotas when making budgets. The number of decoration projects and quantities is the direct factor affecting the whole decoration cost. The selected building materials, construction technology and decoration grade are the key factors affecting the cost. At the same time, the charging standards of decoration companies are different due to different qualifications and scales. Making decoration budget is a science. Consumers should master some tricks when reviewing the budget to avoid spending "wronged money". In general, the following points should be noted

find out the actual decoration area

consumers should act according to their own economic conditions. Don't blindly compare. First meet the basic use functions, and then consider the shape, atmosphere and other factors that reflect the home. Careful planning and reasonable design are the primary factors to save decoration costs. You should know what are the key points of decoration first

before making the budget, the floor plan of the house to be decorated must be available. Because the quotation is based on the specific dimensions, materials and processes in the drawings. If the drawings are inaccurate, the budget will vary greatly. Consumers had better first measure the area of the house on the spot and check it carefully. Don't listen to the area reported by the decoration company after measurement. At the same time, set down the use requirements and facility requirements of the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. on the drawings, list the project list by themselves, and then estimate the budget according to the market price. After receiving the engineering drawings and quotations provided by the decoration company, consumers must carefully read them and pay attention to whether the decoration items have been listed, not just the final total price

grasp the price of materials and construction technology

the cost of building materials accounts for a large proportion of the decoration cost, so consumers should strictly control it. Consumers had better know the price of some main materials first, such as solid wood and composite flooring, wall coating, wall and floor tiles, sanitary ware, overall cabinet and so on. For the drawings and quotations provided by the decoration company, we must clarify the size, practice, materials (including model and brand) and price of the project, and we can't say it in general. If you see the quotation of "wall Nippon Paint 40 yuan/square meter", consumers have the right to ask the decoration company to specify again, because Nippon Paint is only a brand, and it has many series of products. There are several types of interior wall paint, and each type has different colors, and the prices are also very different. For example, Nippon Trinity and Nippon medley, although both are Nippon paints, the price difference is nearly double. In addition, the specific construction process of materials should also be clarified. For example, there are many ambiguities about the general term "one base and ten sides" of oil technology. If "one base" refers to primer rather than putty, the price of materials and work will be much more expensive

reasonable negotiation of labor costs

decoration labor costs are very flexible due to differences in decoration difficulty, process level and so on, which should be determined according to the specific situation. For decoration that does not include labor and materials, the price should be checked according to the materials, such as the same price of paint work and materials, nailing wood lines for one yuan and one meter, and so on. In fact, this kind of accounting method will expose consumers to many risks. If workers use materials recklessly, the labor and material costs will also rise sharply

many consumers often think that there is room for bargaining about labor costs after reviewing the quotation list before signing a contract. In fact, this idea often brings many unnecessary expenses. In fact, it is unnecessary to excessively lower the labor cost, because general professional decoration companies have certain standards for the collection of labor costs. They will comprehensively calculate a reasonable charge according to the length of construction cycle, construction area, construction requirements, construction difficulty and other factors. If consumers blindly lower labor costs, such a result will only cause losses to the direct interests of the construction personnel, thus laying the foreshadowing of "Jerry building". For example, the clear water paint of furniture is only brushed twice, and the emulsion paint of the wall is only brushed twice, etc., because for ordinary consumers, it is impossible to distinguish between the wall that has been brushed twice and three times. In the process of decoration negotiation, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific accounting of labor costs, but don't think that the lower the labor costs, the more cost-effective, and don't finally "pick up sesame and lose watermelon"





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