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1. Plan before you move &mdash& mdash; A clear design and construction plan must be made, otherwise you will not be able to give clear work instructions to the construction team, and there will be no way to investigate the decoration results

2. The functional planning is clear, and the decoration is immediately coordinated &mdash& mdash; For example, the administrative lounge of the hotel is to provide a comfortable environment for guests to relax, eat, drink, socialize or hold working meetings. Therefore, this area needs to be equipped with a welcome area, equipment for guests to reply to emails, comfortable seats, and a place for watching TV and placing kitchen facilities

3. It's better to be quiet than moving &mdash& mdash; During the decoration period, many people have the impulse to temporarily change the original plan or new ideas emerge from time to time. Even the slightest change will affect the whole body, resulting in increased costs and delayed progress

4. Recall bitterness and think sweetly, draw plum to quench thirst &mdash& mdash; Put the decoration effect picture in a prominent place, and when there is decoration irritability, her incentive effect will be very effective

5. Kitchen decoration &mdash& mdash; First of all, you have to decide what kind of food to put here and what kitchen utensils you need. Don't put the refrigerator (cold) next to the oven (hot), and make sure that things are within your reach. Take yourself as the center and provide the greatest convenience

6. Bedroom decoration &mdash& mdash; If you want to shower, you'd better install a manual nozzle. It should not only suit your height, but also the nozzle can be removed at any time to clean the bathtub

7. Choose materials carefully &mdash& mdash; Be careful when choosing wall and floor materials. For example, currently the most popular limestone floor, this material is easy to absorb water and needs a long time to dry. Another example is marble, whose bright surface needs regular treatment and waxing. In the hotel, the bathroom table made of granite can avoid getting dirty. The marble smooth wall is easy to darken (especially with acid detergent), and there is no problem if you use a mild detergent

8. Sequential cleaning &mdash& mdash; Certain procedures should be followed during cleaning. Start at one point and expand gradually, cleaning one surface and one coat at a time

9, the last process &mdash& mdash; Dust collection. Do not clean the dust until after cleaning the bed, because usually the bed is the most dusty

10. Selection of cleaning agent &mdash& mdash; Care should be taken when cleaning the surface, because any chemical cleaning agent and polishing measures will make the surface sticky and dull. For the wooden surface, it is best to use a wet cloth stained with soapy water, and for the mirror glass surface, it is best to use a warm wet cloth containing a small amount of vinegar





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