Shangpin natural color wooden door 2018 annual rev

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Joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship, and faith inspires struggle. We unknowingly entered 2019. It is Shangpin who let us spend ten years together

joy with sweat, success with hardship

faith inspires struggle

we unknowingly entered 2019

it is the essence of fashion that let us spend ten years together with our classmates

2018 annual review

2018, we embarked on the road of change, customized and released from the new brand strategy "1+n" space, and opened the brand road of transformation from single to space. "1+n" space mode brightened our eyes, At the same time, it also makes people full of expectation and imagination. It has successfully held Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou exhibitions with different spatial styles

in golden September, Shangpin's true colors followed Wang tie's footsteps on the trip to Europe and Hungary, and entered the the Belt and Road International Cultural Exchange Center. Foreign cultures led the art trend, and space design was only to improve the quality of the home

in the autumn of harvest, the arrival of "life is still good festival 2.0" is welcomed. Taking # as the home, design the ideal life # as the theme, call the ideal life with design, and realize the long-awaited ideal life with design. Using the power of design to call you to find your inner ideal life will be a massive "wandering" action. In the "double 11" war, Shangpin Bense took the lead with "Top1", breaking the record and winning the championship

thank you all for your hard work and dedication in this year. At the same time, thank you for the support and trust of many consumers. With your joint efforts in 2018, we have done everything very well, and we are honored to win multiple certificates, trophies and medals in 2018. It is your support and trust that have achieved these achievements

2018 annual certificate

2018 China design honorary collective award

2017-2018 top ten leading wooden door brands

China's quality improvement action in the home furnishing industry (door and window industry) won the title of "5A demonstration enterprise of quality brand"

door and window Professional Committee of furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of all China Federation of industry and commerce, Executive chairman unit

2018 national network selection of "China's top ten wooden door brands"

China's top ten wooden door brands

2018 gold medal for original design of China's wooden door "Golden Star Award" (Van Nuo 69)

2018 executive vice president of China wooden door technology alliance

2018 annual trophy

2017-2018 "consumer favorite brands"

2017-2019 top ten fashion door brands

2018 China's top ten overall woodwork brands "Golden Carpenter"

2018 Golden Star Award for Chinese wooden door originality (Vano 69)

"2018 list of products that affect Chinese home lifestyle"

"2018 consumer trust brand award"

annual door design award

2018 annual medal

2018 China's top ten wooden door brands

2018 China's top ten wooden door brands

2019 we will continue to work hard to win more honors and awards

at the opening of 2019, we will use a tonal

innovative and emotional annual event

Fashion? Attractive, open the door to 2019 with you

2019 will achieve Xiangshang brand

Xiangshang marketing, Xiangshang strategy

waiting for our transformation and breakthrough





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