Taliban victories prompt fresh question, soul sear

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Taliban victories prompt fresh questionThe overall death rate is 61.18 per 100,000 people., soul searching for Canadian veterans - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The shaky video pans right to left, looking down on a village with mountains in the background before turning to a green river valley with destroyed buildings in the foreground. A man is speaking over the wind and two words stand out before the video cuts and eerie music starts to play: Masum GharThe cases are so elevated,.

Uploaded last weekVice President Richard Nixon laughs as a stray dog join, the video purportedly shows Taliban fighters surveying captured territory in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province. One of the people who has watched it is retired corporal Matthew Luloff:1622668346214,, who spent time at Masum Ghar during the 13-year war in Afghanistan.

Now an Ottawa city councillor, Luloff is among those veterans grappling with their emotions as the Taliban, emboldened by the withdrawal of American troops, surges across Afghanistan, capturing large swaths of territory from Afghan forces — including many places where Canadian blood was spilled and money spent to prevent exactly what is happening now.

“It seems quite bleak when you’re seeing images of areas that we used to have firm control of just being turned over,” Luloff said.

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