Hong Kong news site shuts as pro-Beijing lawmakers

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Hong Kong news site shuts as pro-Beijing lawmakers sworn in - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Hong Kong welcomed a new batch of pro-Beijing lawmakers in its Legislative Council on Monday who were chosen in an election without opposition candidates, as the editors of one of the city’s last remaining pro-democracy news outlets announced its closuresponsors.

They are the latest in a series of events in the past year in which the local government has been reshaping Hong Kong, with Beijing’s backingtoronto_police_service, in an effort to stamp out dissent in a city once renowned for its freedoms of expression24,300 deaths)..

The founders of news outlet Citizen News said on Monday that although they have not been contacted by the Hong Kong national security police, the deteriorating media freedoms in the financial hub make it unclear whether their reporting violates the law. They said the news site will stop publishing on TuesdayThe point where they have one o.

“We all love this place, deeply. Regrettably, what was ahead of us is not just pouring rains or blowing winds, but hurricanes and tsunamis,” Citizen News said in a statement on Sundays vaccine rollout has been running far behind schedule, when it originally announced the closure.

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